Recommended — Best Skincare and Makeup Products on Amazon


I have really dry skin, any lotion recommendations?


• Oil of Olay Complete

Cheap + effective. I swear by this stuff now.

• Balm of Gilead

Last winter I bought Balm of Gilead because I have the world’s driest skin. I just bought my 2nd jar a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s amazing and keeps me totally hydrated and not oily.

Has a weird salvey consistency but works! This morning was one of the first this season where I woke up with total dry skin (first night the radiators were REALLY blasting.) Aussie stuff saves me.


• Alba Body Lotion with SPF

I have super dry and sensitive skin. Alba body lotion with SPF is my go-to lotion. For some reason every cream that’s made for faces irritates my skin. I never use soap either – just water and, from time to time, baking soda as exfoliator.

• Fresh Soy Face Wash

Very light and good for taking off mascara. doesn’t dry your skin out.

Eye Creams

My eyes are really starting show age. More and more dry-looking crinkly skin around them. Any suggestions for a miracle eye product? That’s not insanely expensive?

• Pack your Bags They’re Leaving  

It worked wonders on my mom, and it made my eyes swollen. But a lot of women I know swear by it.


I’m trying to wear less make up in general but can’t always let go of Blush. I’m looking for something more like a highlighter than an artificial color (a “sunkissed look” as Cosmo might say). Something as natural as possible in terms of chemical content though —



• Smashbox O Glow

It’s being discontinued, I heard, so stock up if you like it.
I’ve been just wearing moisturizer and that and it feels so nice to be mostly makeup free. Not sure how natural it is though. The Smashbox stuff is like pinched cheeks / slightly tipsy / or blushing.




• Dr Hauschka

All the Dr Hauschka makeup. It’s a little pricey, but smells good, doesn’t have any scary additives, and tends toward the sheer/natural side. You can get it at Wholefoods.



• IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock

I’ve been super into this— I never wore makeup before, but this is amazing. It kinda just makes me look well rested and glowing, not like I’m wearing makeup. The best thing is it’s SPF 50, and you can reapply several times throughout the day and it doesn’t look bad or feel caked on.

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