Knockoff Bootleg Yeezy 350s

Looking into sourcing some some stuff from Alibaba I got sucked into the world of fake shoes on aliexpress.

Chiefly, the repsneakers subreddit — these dudes scour Chinese websites and create detailed reviews examining every little detail, and how they compare to real shoes.

My fake Pirate Black 350s
$50. Fake Yeezy Pirate Black Boost 350s I’ve worn for ~2 weeks

If you don’t know anything about this whole streetwear / sneakerhead thing — these brands release limited amounts of product and limit the amount an individual can buy. There’s a whole secondary market of waiting in line, buying, and reselling for profit. For instance, the hot shoe is Kanye’s YEEZY Boost 350. It retailed for $200, but is sold out and goes for nearly $1000 on Amazon.

$50. These aren't as popular as Yeezy's. If you can find them, they go for ~$200

$50. These are NMDs — not as popular as Yeezy’s. This colorway is hard to get. But others are readily available

The repheads develop relationships with the suppliers. “Did you see David’s 7th batch” “Is Jessie answering messages?” “Have you seen Eva’s new pics?” … they know there is no “David” but the supplier has taken on this handle and become their own mini-brand with distinct reputations. Some of them work with the suppliers to refine and develop the details on each new “batch.”

Insider lingo and acronyms:

  • LC — Legit Check, having the group check to see if they’re getting ripped off by a reseller of retail sneakers
  • QC — Quality Control photos … users ask Chinese suppliers to send them verified photos of the actual shoes they’ll be getting, usually via WhatsApp
  • W2C — Wanted to Cop
  • TD (turtledove), PB (pirate black), MR (moonrocks), OT (oxford tan) — the various colorways of Boost 350s

Ordering is reminiscent of the wild west days. You might get a confirmation number, it might work, you aren’t really sure when they’ll arrive, if they’ll get shredded by customs, or if there is any recourse if the shoes are messed up somehow. The anticipation of what will show up and when is half of the fun. People get pretty worked up about the customer service they’re receiving and how soon they’ll get their illegal shoes being shipped from the other side of the world, showing how much we’ve come to expect from e-commerce.

Sometimes they don't ship in a box. Just wrapped in plastic
Arrived like this

For the price, the shoes are fairly comfortable. I suspect the retail versions are a bit better, but not enough to justify the cost. I’ve only seen one other person wearing 350s in the wild. A few people on the street have asked me about my shoes, and I tell them they’re bootlegs. Most people have no idea what the shoes are in the first place, but my heart does race a little bit if I’m approaching a group of high-schoolers.

TD Boost 350s

These TD Boost 350s came with some Tommy Hilfinger socks and a fake receipt
These TD Boost 350s came with some Tommy Hilfinger socks and a fake receipt

They seem like regular old shoes once you get them. Looking at the logos printed on the side really puts in to perspective that all things are hand made — by someone, somewhere. There’s no Adidas machine spitting these out. Now, if you so desire, you can have anything you wanted produced in a factory if you bother to send a few emails.

The fact that we’re now so connected that a high school kid in the suburbs can negotiate textile swatches with someone on the other side of the world over text message is a mind boggle for sure.

Sellers modify the logos — but they arrive w/ real logos
Sellers modify the logos on their listings — but they arrive w/ real logos


Recommended — Best Skincare and Makeup Products on Amazon


I have really dry skin, any lotion recommendations?


• Oil of Olay Complete

Cheap + effective. I swear by this stuff now.

• Balm of Gilead

Last winter I bought Balm of Gilead because I have the world’s driest skin. I just bought my 2nd jar a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s amazing and keeps me totally hydrated and not oily.

Has a weird salvey consistency but works! This morning was one of the first this season where I woke up with total dry skin (first night the radiators were REALLY blasting.) Aussie stuff saves me.


• Alba Body Lotion with SPF

I have super dry and sensitive skin. Alba body lotion with SPF is my go-to lotion. For some reason every cream that’s made for faces irritates my skin. I never use soap either – just water and, from time to time, baking soda as exfoliator.

• Fresh Soy Face Wash

Very light and good for taking off mascara. doesn’t dry your skin out.

Eye Creams

My eyes are really starting show age. More and more dry-looking crinkly skin around them. Any suggestions for a miracle eye product? That’s not insanely expensive?

• Pack your Bags They’re Leaving  

It worked wonders on my mom, and it made my eyes swollen. But a lot of women I know swear by it.


I’m trying to wear less make up in general but can’t always let go of Blush. I’m looking for something more like a highlighter than an artificial color (a “sunkissed look” as Cosmo might say). Something as natural as possible in terms of chemical content though —



• Smashbox O Glow

It’s being discontinued, I heard, so stock up if you like it.
I’ve been just wearing moisturizer and that and it feels so nice to be mostly makeup free. Not sure how natural it is though. The Smashbox stuff is like pinched cheeks / slightly tipsy / or blushing.




• Dr Hauschka

All the Dr Hauschka makeup. It’s a little pricey, but smells good, doesn’t have any scary additives, and tends toward the sheer/natural side. You can get it at Wholefoods.



• IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock

I’ve been super into this— I never wore makeup before, but this is amazing. It kinda just makes me look well rested and glowing, not like I’m wearing makeup. The best thing is it’s SPF 50, and you can reapply several times throughout the day and it doesn’t look bad or feel caked on.

Money Machine

Below is an illustrated example of our automated finances (numbers changed, gender-neutral names added). After a few months of testing and tweaking, everything is pretty much on auto-pilot. The basic idea is for every month:

  • Bills (on autopay) & recurring fixed costs throughout the month on credit card
  • “Pay yourself first” by putting money in retirement and savings accts (this can be set up to be automatic)
  • Pay any other bills (rent, loan, anything you can’t pay w/ CC)
  • Spend what you have left (Guilt Free Spending)
  • Any money beyond that goes into our 2nd savings acct (kinda like rollover m

This works for us as it’s not really a “budget” — we pay into our savings goals, and spend the rest. You can get more in-depth info on how & why in the book I Will Teach You to Be Rich.


Here’s a google spreadsheet version as well:


I’ve made a sample google spreadsheet — if you want to save it to your google drive, open the link and go to: “File > Make a copy…”

We use Capital One 360 for our savings accounts. It’s easy to set up multiple accounts for your different savings goals. Sign up via our affiliate link.